After the huge success of the” Golden Gaytime Icecream Tub Project,” the page had a very large following. I used this following to push for other products to be released.

I started to develop two new products, the first was a Golden Gaytime and Cornetto hybrid and the second was extra Golden Gaytime Crumb. This post introduced the community to the two new prototypes:

Over 1 million people saw this post and it was picked up and featured on Australian news websites:, Pedestrian, Daily Mail. Throughout the development of each product I kept the community involved by letting them vote and decide what direction we went. Here are some of the posts:

To put even more pressure on Streets to release both products I created a giant Golden Letter, the type was created using chocolate and Gaytime Crumb fastened to a sparkling golden parchment, which I then sent to Streets.

After a year of exhaustive campaigning I received a letter back from Streets:

The next day I celebrated with these two posts:

The media picked up the story and it was featured on Radio, Newspapers and Television:, Monster Children, Huffigton Post, Pedestrian, Daily Mail, Australian Morning Television.

The Gaynetto was hugely successful and it is still sold to this day. Once again the whole campaign was achieved with no money at all and totally independent of Streets Ice-Cream.