One of Australia's most popular (and peculiar named) ice creams the - "Golden Gaytime" only ever existed as a single serve. Then my grassroots not-for profit independent Facebook campaign changed all that...

The enormously popular single serve toffee and vanilla biscuit crumbed ice-cream was and remains the centrepiece of Aussie ice-creams. In the heat of a blistering summer it flies of the shelves... unfortunately it was only sold as a single serve, no tub or punnet available.

This was remedied in 2015 after I launched an independent Facebook Community called the - "The Golden Gaytime Ice-cream Tub Project" aka "The G.G.I.C.T.P."


The Mission was to force Streets Ice-Cream to make a 1.25 Litre tub of Golden Gaytime, as the single serve was just not enough! With zero money investment the page quickly became popular, amassing a very large and loyal following… culminating in letters and emails pleading to Streets Ice-Cream to release the tub. After going viral and appearing nationwide on Newspapers, 21 Radio Stations and the Today Show, the 1.25 Litre Golden Tub was released. This post celebrated its eventual release:


Over 3.4 million people saw the page along with the Post and on the 3rd of August Golden Gaytime was the Number #1 trending topic on Twitter! All of this achieved without a cent spent on production or media…


The G.G.I.C.T.P featured on Australian News websites:,,,,, Nine and on Australian Morning Television.

Once the Golden Gaytime Tubs were released Streets could not keep up with demand and the tubs sold out nationwide. Selling out their forecasted 12 months worth of stock within the first 2 months. Following the release of the tubs The G.G.I.C.T.P continued to support the community by helping them locate any supplies of new tubs delivered to stores nationwide. The demand got so crazy that people even began selling them on Ebay.


The most amazing thing is that the whole campaign was achieved with no money at all and totally independent of Streets Ice-Cream. The campaign was recognised for its achievements being awarded winner in its category at the 2016 Webby Awards.