Bring Back Cadbury Marble

In 2012 Cadbury Australia discontinued Marble Chocolate. Five years later I have decided to try and bring it back. I took control of an already established but dormant Facebook page called Bring Back Cadbury Marble.

My strategy was simple, write and send letters to Cadbury everyday until they reinstate Marble back into their range.

I also have created a series of tongue and cheek short films, that I have illustrated, animated and voiced.

I also designed and created the new product packaging.


.... and then created a competitor - GRANITE! The world’s first non-Cadbury Marble flavoured chocolate.


I then went on radio to spruik the campaign.

I then created a facebook frame that over 1000 people have used.


Both the letters, video, content and frame are increasing the numbers of likes on the page and are helping to build a strong community around the idea. This interest will hopefully help convince Cadbury to bring back this beloved chocolate.

Whilst we have doubled the numbers on the page so far, we don’t have success yet. We here at "Bring Back Cadbury Marble" are fighting tooth and nail to bring back this classic block of Chocolate back. We will stop at nothing! We will never give up! VIVE LA MARBLE!